How to safely change attachments on models

How to safely change attachments on models

How do you change your attachments without damaging the arm of your model



For the first time in December 2020 Kobelco produced a Collectors limited edition scale model with three separate attachments.  We all know that scale model fans like to change the attachments on their models.  We spoke to Conrad who helped  to make this simple, short  video showing how to remove the pins and swap attachments.  The main message is how to do it safely without damaging your scale model arm or piping.



Why do you all swap attachments?  I mainly think just for fun, because you can or you have a cool attachment you want to see what it looks like on a model.  For the die hards they pose and photograph diorama with them.  I am assuming this due to the many photographs I have seen or been sent in the last few years from fans.  We did do a previous blog post showing some of these pictures called Fan Photos 2019, click here to see them. 


To buy the SK500LC-10 Limited Edition Collectors Box click here 


If any of you have pictures of your Collectors Boxes or Kobelco models showing different attachments, please send them to us via our marketing email or message a picture of  them to us on Facebook or Instagram. Or if you have any ideas on future attachments you would like to see with models, let us know! 





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